When a Potato Peeler Is Your Worst Enemy


PalmPeeler, potato peelerAs a single mom of 4 hungry kids, potatoes, be it in mashed, roasted or french fry form, were a big staple in our regular meal planning. Unfortunately, after my diagnosis, peeling a potato was no longer a task made for me. My hands were in constant pain and I often lacked the motor skills to even hold a potato, let alone a sharp peeler. My potato peeler had become the worst enemy and, aside from the kids peeling, I was left without options.

Until one day when I was taking a quick walk around my favorite kitchen store (these places are dangerous for foodies). I stumbled upon a kitchen gadget that would soon become a lifesaver. The PalmPeeler by Chef’n. This gadget is amazing and was the answer to all my problems. Unlike regular peelers that have a handle and require a grip, these peelers fit in the palm of your hand and are held securely in place by a plastic semi-circle that holds around your finger. I was able to keep my palm open and easily peel the potato. And it is easy enough that the kids can use it too. As a matter-of-fact, everyone in the house would rather use the PalmPeeler, leaving our old traditional peeler collecting dust in the drawer.

And now I have learned they have come out with many other tools with the same principle. These include a serrated peeler, a palm brush, herb mincer and a zester. What could be better??? Here are links to all of the Chef’n Palm products. In my opinion, these are a must-have kitchen tool for all spoonie foodies that suffer with hand issues.


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