Why the Changes to the Website Design?


If you previously visited SpoonieFoodie, you may notice that the main design of the site has changed. There are a few reasons for these changes and I figured I would share them with you. The changes are basically for design appeal and ease of writing for myself.

While I liked the scrolling bar of photos, my brain fog mind and eyes had issues with it, making it difficult to look at the page and evaluate how things were going. I have been battling severe brain fog and fatigue, part due to a flare and part due to new medications I am on. I have been struggling to keep my eyes open, and anything that triggers eye issues just had to go.

cropped-spooniefoodielogobanner.jpgWe created the new logo header because I felt that it matched the theme of the website much better. It combines the spoons (our symbol of daily energy) with some sweet treats made in the kitchen (granted, those cupcakes were simple box cakes…the flare has kept me out of the kitchen for real baking lately). The cupcake colors, similar to a rainbow, represent the different colors of many of the different invisible diseases.

While I personally suffer with what they believe to be fibromyalgia and possibly multiple sclerosis, this site is for all the spoonies out there, regardless of which monsters you battle. I figured this new header design was a much better representation of the direction I hope to take this site.

In addition, the new template for the site is crisper and I believe that makes it much easier to read and follow. With my eye issues, this is important for me, so I am sure this helps many of you too.

I hope you all enjoy the new site design and I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you might have,



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