An Apology – Spoon Shortage and Washington Wildfires


Spoon ShortageI want to apologize to my readers for disappearing for a couple weeks and not staying on top of adding new posts. Hopefully my many spoonie friends understand this issue…my spoon supply was low. Heck, let’s be honest. My spoons were in the dishwasher and I was running on nothing.

To begin with, I have been battling a flare for the last couple of months now. The addition of some new meds have not helped at all, and I am finding myself trying to find my way through the cloud that has parked itself in my brain. Add to that the pain in my legs which has made real sleep next to impossible and the fact my back has decided that all the other issues just aren’t enough, I am so beyond my spoon supply it isn’t even funny.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, a family emergency had me making a major trip down to Oregon and throwing my body even more out of whack. After dealing with that issue and spending some time with my older sons, I got to return home to Eastern Washington only to find that our lovely blue skies had been replaced by a thick layer of smoke, triggering my asthma and making the idea of breathing a bit difficult.

#WAFires, #WAfirefighters, washington fires, wildfiresWhile we are about 40 miles away from the closest fires, they have hit home. Friends and family have lost homes and I am friends with a few of the brave firefighters out there risking their lives to get these beasts under control. We have dealt with family being under evacuation on a daily basis and nerves have been high. I am glued to the television and reports from friends hoping all are safe. Unfortunately, while the weather forecast is calling for a small amount of rain, that rain is also bringing with it bad wind, with gusts of 60mph. This is the last thing these fires and the firefighters need. I ask my readers and friends to please send prayers and positive vibes to the firefighters and families that have lost so much.

One such family is a family friend and they lost everything. After making the final payment on their home last month, their home burnt to the ground…and they were not insured. Despite their loss, they were first on the front lines helping others and helping to save homes so others did not lose what they did. A GoFundme account was set up for this family to help them rebuild, and I would like to ask my friends and followers to please donate if they can of please share the link. Brunson Family’s Recovery Fund.

Out of SpoonsSo, as if a flare wasn’t enough to take my spoon supply away, the stress of these last few months have taken their toll. Things are getting a bit better and I promise to get better at getting new posts and recipes up. I just ask you to understand that sometimes my spoon supply runs low.



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