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Beer Nuggets…A Flashback to College Life

beer nuggets, fried pizza dough, Dekalb, NIU

I lived in Dekalb, Illinois quite a few years ago and attended college at Northern Illinois University. And, if you have ever spent time in Dekalb, or attended NIU, you know what beer nuggets are. According to an article from the Northern Star back in 1989, beer nuggets began at Sgt. Peppers restaurant and were the result of an employee… Read more »

When a Potato Peeler Is Your Worst Enemy

PalmPeeler, potato peeler

As a single mom of 4 hungry kids, potatoes, be it in mashed, roasted or french fry form, were a big staple in our regular meal planning. Unfortunately, after my diagnosis, peeling a potato was no longer a task made for me. My hands were in constant pain and I often lacked the motor skills to even hold a potato,… Read more »