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An Apology – Spoon Shortage and Washington Wildfires

Spoon Shortage

I want to apologize to my readers for disappearing for a couple weeks and not staying on top of adding new posts. Hopefully my many spoonie friends understand this issue…my spoon supply was low. Heck, let’s be honest. My spoons were in the dishwasher and I was running on nothing. To begin with, I have been battling a flare for… Read more »

Why the Changes to the Website Design?


If you previously visited SpoonieFoodie, you may notice that the main design of the site has changed. There are a few reasons for these changes and I figured I would share them with you. The changes are basically for design appeal and ease of writing for myself. While I liked the scrolling bar of photos, my brain fog mind and… Read more »

Managing the Brain Fog – Become the Ringmaster of Your Circus

Kitchen Fog Tips

I am going to begin this post with a little bit of history…the me before these wonderful diseases hit. I spent many years of my early adult life working in the medical and social service fields, often working 80 hours a week. I was always on the go, looking for new adventures. I was a certified master scuba diver and… Read more »

The Image of Autoimmune or “Invisible” Diseases – Is The Media Hurting Us?

Fibromyalgia, pain, Lyrica, Humeria, medications

I follow a group on Facebook calledĀ Fibro Colors Fibromyalgia Awareness. Often, posts from other followers are asked of the group and, this week, a post struck a nerve with me. Someone asked if we were tired of seeing the Lyrica commercial (and this question could be asked of all pharmaceutical company commercials for the major drugs typically used to treat… Read more »

A Day in the Woods, Huckleberries and a Painful Body

Eastern washington mountains, huckleberry picking

Picking berries has always been a favorite adventure of mine. Living many years in Oregon, wild blackberries grow everywhere and the kids and I were always out picking…and I am aggressive picker. No thorns ever get in my way. Over the years, my kid’s have joked that it is not a good picking day unless mom is bleeding. And, this… Read more »

Come Join Our New Community and Make New Friends

I am very excited to announce the addition of a new community forum designed for spoonies and foodies. For spoonies, there are areas for disease-specific sharing, tips and tricks to deal with pain, medication information and much more. No one should have to be a spoonie alone and this community gives you a chance to come together with other spoonies… Read more »