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Peaches are in Season! Check Out These Peach Muffins!

peaches, peach muffins, peach crumble, butter toffee

                With the skies filled with smoke from the wildfires lately, we haven’t had a lot of time to spend outdoors. This has put a damper on my fruit supply. I had been watching the reports from local orchards and was almost ready to don some sort of breathing suit to get out… Read more »

Cookie Bowls…Not as Easy as They Appear on Pinterest

cookie bowl, chocolate chip cookie

If you are a foodie like myself, you probably spend at least some time looking at food photos on Pinterest. A while ago, pictures kept coming up of cookie bowls, many made on the bottom of a muffin pan. Simply form your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe over the muffin molds and bake…yeah right. After numerous attempts with my favorite… Read more »

What Do You Mean Spinach in a Brownie?

Spinach, arugula, chocolate brownies, cheesecake

As a spoonie, I know that I need to be eating as healthy as possible but, to be honest, I have never been a fan of vegetables. In most cases, it isn’t the taste of the vegetable, but more the texture. I am what they call a textural eater. For example, when it comes to soup, my favorite is cream… Read more »

The Recipe That Started It All – Welsh Bake Stones

welsh bake stones

Growing up as the first American child on my mother’s side of the family, there were many Welsh and British traditions passed on to me.  When it comes to the food side of these traditions, some I can do without (like steak and kidney pies. I can make them, but you won’t catch me eating them. Yuck!), but some, like… Read more »