Spoonie Foodie wants to be much more than just the standard blog to our members. We want to be an online community for all spoonies and foodies out there.

While many spoonies have friends and family that understand what they go through, not all do.

While many foodies have equally obsessed foodie friends, others might think you have gone a bit off the deep end and are tired of seeing a Facebook feed of your recipes.

But here at Spoonie Foodie, we understand what being a spoonie and foodie is really like.

We want to be able to offer a community where members can meet, share ideas and recipes, offer support to each other and maybe even find a new friend that understands what we go through. We want to offer you a friendly, online home where you can come and be yourself, without being judge.

With that in mind, please come check out the new Spoonie Foodie Community Forum and signup today.


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