Chronic Disease University – A Little Spoonie Humor

Chronic Disease, mobility issues, humor, spoonie

Suffering from a chronic disease can be very difficult as you adjust to the changes in your body.  These constant changes and loss of certain functions can take a huge toll.  If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that even though adjusting to your new life and abilities may be difficult and make you angry, laughter is still… Read more »

Did Someone Say “Bacon?”

When it comes to bacon, I could easily eat it with every meal. I can eat it crispy or with a little wiggle. I can eat it alone but I love mixing it with different foods. Even as a child, my favorite sandwich was the classic turkey and bacon club. I personally think bacon can compliment just about anything. Anyone… Read more »

The First Batch of Huckleberry Muffins – YUMMY

huckleberries, huckleberry muffins

After resting from a day in the woods collecting huckleberries, my daughter Kaitlyn and I were in the kitchen deciding on what treats to make with our large bowl of berries. Given that we love blueberry muffins for breakfast, we decided huckleberries would add a different twist to our breakfast favorite. If you have never had huckleberries, they are similar… Read more »

A Day in the Woods, Huckleberries and a Painful Body

Eastern washington mountains, huckleberry picking

Picking berries has always been a favorite adventure of mine. Living many years in Oregon, wild blackberries grow everywhere and the kids and I were always out picking…and I am an aggressive picker. No thorns ever get in my way. Over the years, my kid’s have joked that it is not a good picking day unless mom is bleeding. And,… Read more »

When a Potato Peeler Is Your Worst Enemy

PalmPeeler, potato peeler

As a single mom of 4 hungry kids, potatoes, be it in mashed, roasted or french fry form, were a big staple in our regular meal planning. Unfortunately, after my diagnosis, peeling a potato was no longer a task made for me. My hands were in constant pain and I often lacked the motor skills to even hold a potato,… Read more »

The Recipe That Started It All – Welsh Bake Stones

welsh bake stones

Growing up as the first American child on my mother’s side of the family, there were many Welsh and British traditions passed on to me.  When it comes to the food side of these traditions, some I can do without (like steak and kidney pies. I can make them, but you won’t catch me eating them. Yuck!), but some, like… Read more »